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Sunday, May 15, 2011

It has been a couple months since I heard my best friend Emily passed away.

So many questions unanswered. Not sure who or what to think anymore.
I just hope she is at peace or happy either way.

I wrote this poem after she passed away not long after she broke up with a really great guy.
I feel awful that I introduced them to each other.
Like I brought this turmoil into his life and I feel obligated somehow but I think he has moved on and so now I can as well.

Emily, if you are still around. I love you and wish you would let me know you are okay.
If you have passed away, I hope you are with Our Lord.


Shut up this silence.

Alone in this empty room.

No one to share the pain.

Time won't heal all things

The ache remains the same.

A wish that comes too late

A dream that won't come true.

A desire to have his love

But pride just ran it through.

When you reach His feet and He opens that book

Remembering the pure honesty you selfishly took

Decide then and there who it is you deceived

His choice will be the judgment you shall receive.

Shut up this silence,

I can only hear the scream of the memories I tortured in this non-existent dream.

Shut up this silence

You cannot hurt me now

Yet the agony of loneliness will finally make me bow.

Open up your soul

To the Maker of us

He will give you salvation

In this you must trust

So as I lay my head and you move into your grave

My heart will be forgiving of the mistakes that you have made.

See you when I get there

whenever that may be.

My timely friend of existence

Your debt to me is free.

Libbi 3/15/11 - In Memory of Emily

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